Todd Erickson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 294

The Eighties are dead! And maybe a bridesmaid too. At the dawn of the Nineties, six recent college grads reunite for a hometown wedding. On the eve of the ceremony, the bride's stepsister sleeps with the groom and then overdoses. Getting hitched without a hitch? Not likely, for this crew.Trying the Knot is a humorous snapshot of a wedding weekend with a group of Gen-Xers, who are in hot pursuit of an escape route from their small-town roots while carving out a niche during the last decade of the 20th Century.Through the eyes of a snarky cast of twenty-somethings, the reader is taken back to a time when poor, libido-driven decisions in pursuit of sexual discovery can have catastrophic and lasting consequences.In the vein of the movie “The Big Chill”, Trying the Knot is a sort of “Little Chill” set in a one-stoplight northern Michigan town, where a suicide attempt dooms a wedding ...
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