Kitty Hunter
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 36

Cuffed for their pleasure, but one word can bring it all to an end. Ronnie's sexy Doms have been patient but now they're ready to take their sexy little sub to new heights in a seductive game she can't...doesn't want to resist. Cuffed and unable to escape the pleasures they inflict on her willing body, the only way to stop them is with her safe word. On the precipice between utter pleasure and her own fears, she must make a decision. Will she make them stop, or will she take everything they have to give and and take both her Doms deeper than they've ever been before?EXCERPT:“Ahh…you two are starting without me.” Luis’s rich, deep voice rasped in her ear and she broke away from Gavin’s mouth.She wanted to kiss him too, her darkly sexy Latin lover, so she grabbed his shirt front with one hand and tipped her face up to him and waited. Gavin wasn’t as domineering as Luis. She ...
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