Tina Radcliffe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 238

A Romantic Comedy of Italian Proportions…She may look good in black, but Tessa Rosetti is not testing the family curse again. Three generations of women have already buried the men they love and confirmed Tessa’s belief in the Rosetti Curse. Los Angeles cop Thomas Riley arrives back home in Silver Ridge, Colorado, to settle his grandmother’s estate, but while he's there, he stumbles into trouble in the night. If his suspicions are correct, someone's cooking up more than biscotti at the local cookie factory.Together, Riley and Tessa renew their old bond and battle a curse that leads them on a journey of destiny to the love of a lifetime.“The Sopranos meets Fried Green Tomatoes. Loved this book!” Sharon Sala
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5 stars from 18 ratings
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