Rosemarie Naramore
Publisher: Rosemarie Naramore
Pages: 169

When Pamela Larson leaves everything behind, in order to protect her young niece, she looks to God for direction—literally. She finds herself on a mountaintop, serving as a rehabilitation therapist for an elderly stroke victim.Hired by the man’s son, Justin Parker, she discovers the younger man feels only contempt for his father, Ross. Pamela soon learns his feelings are justified, but she’s also learned that forgiveness is a gift for both the giver and recipient. Pamela develops feelings for Justin, and knows she’s putting him and his family in danger by residing at their home. Her niece’s father is searching for them—intent on using the child to extort money from his parents—and Pamela is certain he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the baby.Should she leave? Should she stay? Pamela is unsure, but she knows one thing is certain—Justin’s father is a changed man—no longer the ...
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