Anna Godfrey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 60

Are you a leader? What you choose to do every day leaves a permanent imprint on your life, your work, and the people around you. But what takes priority? Should you lead by following your heart’s passions, keeping up with the bills or by devoting yourself to the ones you love? Guess what: You DON’T have to choose.This is the inspiring message of superhero mother, leader, and entrepreneur Anna Marie Godfrey's book-- Superhero Leadership.This book is for you if:-You want to begin acting like the leader you were meant to be.-You're ready to go from being a bystander to making a positive difference in the world--through your own business, your actions, or those you influence.-You want to clear your mind of any negative beliefs that block your ability to get out there and achieve.-You want fast lessons based upon years of entrepreneurial experience, fictional and non-fictional heroes, and ...
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