Sharon Taylor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 111

"Did you know with the help of this book, you can achieve your dream wedding body without dieting or counting calories?Before you purchase this book, be aware this isn't another quick fix or fad diet. There're no gimmicks, no way you'll be hungry, no extreme exercise schedule to keep and no counting calories, points, carbs or fat. So please don't purchase this book if you like doing these things.However, if you're looking to lose your excess weight in time for your wedding and start your married life the healthiest you've ever been, read on...Overview of "Achieve Your Dream Wedding Body Without Dieting or Counting Calories"Over 21 days this book provides tips and direct action to take each day.It covers what to eat, how to move, how to sleep better and handle stress and how to wrap your head around it all in order to succeed.It outlines strategies that if followed, will give you results ...
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