Nina Loard
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 285

"A fantastic debut from new author, Nina Loard, that's brimming with emotion." -- Red City ReviewCaught between an impossible past and dangerous future, a forgotten love refuses to die...It's been years since the car accident, but with every disappointment Evelyn finds herself wondering about her forgotten days in London. After being dismissed from her job, she unknowingly wanders past an old friend who reintroduces himself by breaking into her home. Armed with a photograph and a handful of gems, he convinces her that after dropping out of her study abroad program, she befriended a group of accomplished thieves. Drawn to the handsome stranger in her living room and seduced by the idea of finally knowing the truth, Evelyn travels to London to face her past and understand what could've caused her to make such uncharacteristic life choices. As conflicting memories surface, Evelyn fights ...
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