Kyle Fuhrer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 17

Children's Book, Book For Kids Perfect for Ages 2-5Read it for FREE! As Part of your PRIME or Kindle UNLIMITED membershipWelcome to Fiddlers Green a kooky little town full of crazy characters. Who are always having fun and learning new things on their many adventures. Meet Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson Turtle as they try to solve the mystery of the missing health food. Could their arch nemesis Hypnotherapy be behind the scheme that is effecting the residents of Fiddlers Green.Billy Bob the Dog & Torkelson Turtle: Good Food Gone Bad is a perfect introductory book for new and early reader and is sure to excite your children's imagination. Take Part in the Fun, Take Part in the Adventure and Grab your copy of Billy Bob the Dog & Torkelson Turtle: Good Food Gone Bad today.
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