Robert Daniel Brooks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 306

A picaresque tale from Nashville of one brother's love for another in the Southern Storytelling Tradition: sex, violence, love, betrayal, literature, seedy politics, fishing, authentic country locales, drinking, music, death, home cooking and redemption.In an effort to put his life back on track, Ray Cantien, a wounded and decorated Iraq War veteran living in Nashville, starts a private investigation company and asks his under-achieving brother, Danny, to assist in a job. What starts as an unusual but routine case, the recovery of a kidnapped mule, spirals out of control and results in Ray’s unexpected and violent demise. While investigating Ray’s death, Danny, with the help of his insightful girlfriend, Rose, and quirky buddies, Garcia and Styron, is caught in the middle of a lifelong feud between a crooked politician and an influential Nashville music producer. Along the way he ...
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