Reverend Bill McBride
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 52

DISCOVERING GOD'S WILL. Have you ever wondered....What Does God Want From Me?How Can I Figure Out God's Will?What Is The Purpose For My Life?Reverend Bill McBride, ordained clergy for 36 years brings forth a helpful and important book on discovering God's will. This guidebook will help the reader understand the importance of a close spiritual relationship with God, so the reader can enhance their discovery of God's will.God is seeking to reveal His will to us. It is important that we keep the doors of our minds and hearts wide open, so we can understand and follow God's purpose and plan.This book, a part of Reverend McBride's "Help Me God" series, brings important help to the reader in clarifying how to come to know with certainty the will of God.Steps to discovering God's will detailed in this book include:+Learning to Listen+Learning to Trust+Staying on Course+U-Turns Allowed
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