Tim Curran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 126

In Lovecraft's original story, he only touched upon Herbert West's experiences in World War I, but now the entire dark truth can be revealed--the secret laboratories, the legions of walking corpses, and the gruesome experiments that defy description. As a war correspondent closes in on the truth and West's assistant tries to cover up his mentor's unholy delvings, a mutant monstrosity nourished on the dead rises up to claim the battlefield as its own and something unspeakable, something beyond death itself stalks the night in search of its twisted creator.Bonus Material: Charnel House a short story by Tim CurranFive years after the disappearance of Herbert West, the legends of his deranged experiments on the dead live on as twice-told tales and stories for dark nights. But when mutilated, half-devoured corpses are discovered in Arkham, the police find themselves on the trail of a ...
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