bobby hutchinson
ASIN: B00F3Q598O
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 281

Chick Lit Romance--With A Touch Of MysteryEric Stewart can't believe his sisters would stoop so low.He's sexy, dangerous and fancy free. He's about to turn forty, and his three sisters think it's high time he found a good woman and settled down.Eric can't believe his meddling sisters have signed him up with the city's hottest matchmaking agency. The only way to get them a refund is to get himself rejected by every single applicant. Tessa McBride is working for the matchmaker, and she and Eric have a history. He humiliated her when she was a shy, trusting girl. Well, she's not anymore. She vows to prove to Eric that she's more than a match for his schemes--and show him what he's been missing all these years. But there's more to this matchmaking business than Tessa every suspected.CAN AN IMPERFECT PAIR RESULT IN A PERFECT MATCH--and maybe solve an intriguing mystery while they're at ...
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