Jide Olatunbode
Publisher: Jide Olatunbode
Pages: 92

Ever wonder why some students perform better than others in their academics? Truth is, some of these brilliant students sometimes do not even know what makes them brilliant; but having interviewed scores of record-breaking students, and also taking his own personal experience into account, Jide distills the lessons he garnered into this short but very inspiring book.In this book, Jide reveals strategies of high-flying students and how these strategies can be applied to cause positive change in the life of any student.This book will help the prospective college student in developing the right skill-set and mindset that would guarantee success. This book would also help the college undergraduate who is dissatisfied with his/her grades and honestly aspires for better. Finally, this book will help the high-flyers who are in search of self-understanding and consistency in result.
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