Veeresh Malik
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 200

Varun Arya proves that where there is a will there is a way. Even in India. Especially in India. Where merit will triumph. Against all odds.Yes, you can make it in India, on merit. Even if you were zero-start. Yes, it is tough, but poverty can not be your destiny. And you can live your truths.This is the story of one man. Varun Arya. From extremely humble beginnings, through school, IIT-Delhi, IIM-Ahmedabad, MNCs in India and abroad, and then back to his roots.But there's a difference.Varun Arya will not bribe. Regardless of how high or low.And that includes the highest in the country.In not so surprising revelations, Varun tells his story, and puts down what nobody has done before though it is well known.BUT VARUN ARYA WILL NOT BRIBE.Basic honesty is often laughed at in India now, and that is a true reflection of the strange times we find ourselves in, let us not mince any words about ...
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