Bret Wellman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 192

Dan Kelly is a young businessman who has grown sick of the way things work. He has given up trying to make a living and gone on a drinking binge that puts him out on the street. A few days later, as he is trying to adjust to his new life as a vagabond, zombies begin popping up in the streets of Manhattan.Dan and his homeless friend, Barns, make plans and gather weapons. They begin working their way to safer ground, finding others in need and expanding their numbers.As the city spirals into a full zombie apocalypse, Dan and his friends seek shelter behind a giant police barricade. The barricade sections off a couple blocks of the city from the zombie outbreak. It is there that the survivors try to hold their ground and wait for help that may never come.Action packed and suspenseful, Hurricane Dan is sure to be a classic zombie novel.-Praise for Hurricane Dan-"Wasn't expecting this to be ...
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