Cosmic Rapture
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 121

The Barbarians are rampaging across the Land, ransacking the villagers and pillaging their muffins.With the sacred Scroll of Cthulhu in their possession, the barbaric hussar horror-hordes have totally smashed the Imperial armies and are advancing on the Capital.Monstrously fat-buttocked Imperior Holocaustic III must send a small band of infiltrators, the Outcast Mutant Outlaws (Omoze), on a covert mission under cover of stupidity to retrieve the Scroll from the Barbarians and return it to the Tomb of the Old Ones from whence it was took.But this is a Land where the theft of the Scroll has allowed the forces of oddness to emerge in strength. Where the Barbarian invaders wear white linen nose-aprons to cover their lice-ridden moustaches, where the turds of a psychopathic priest hiss and slither like serpents, and a short-sleeved shirt means having both arms amputated above the elbow.To ...
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