Lynn Landes
Publisher: Landes Publishing
Pages: 214

Chosen as the Keeper of Humanity I guide dying, and lost spirits home. In the quiet moments, I hear the whispered question, “Are you Shadow or are you Light?” Once I thought I knew the answer to that question. Now, as I sit watching over this six-year-old girl, keeping the demons at bay, I wonder, will I ever know the answer. As children, we are taught to lift up our shields of faith, that fear and worry gives the demons an opening. How do I do that when my shield is so heavy with the blood of those I left behind? They say my thoughts must solely rest on God. The demons thrive on terror and pain. I have seen that first hand with the massacre of my family. The screams of the dead haunt me still. The tinkling of wind chimes fills the air, distracting Elina from her thoughts. It's never the same, the moment before death, and this is no exception. A soft glow begins to seep into the room ...
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