Yale Bernstein
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 24

ABC books are a fun way for your kids to learn the alphabet while sharing quality time with you. In "A is for Aardvark", Yale Bernstein combines abc learning with a child's natural curiosity of animals.Each letter in this abc learning book introduces your child to a new and interesting animal. The book is filled with fun rhymes and colorful illustrations of unusual animals from all over the world. There are no alligators or cats in this book. Ok, there is a cat but it's a rare cat that most kids have never heard of. Hint: it starts with an "S"At the end of the book is a section with more information on each of the animals.Do you know the only venomous lizard in the United States? Check out the letter "G"Do you know which furry little animal that looks like a rodent is actually most closely related to elephants? It starts with the letter "H"Would you eat a Yabby? You might if you lived ...
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