Liz Gavin
Publisher: Elessar Books
Pages: 40

REVISED AND EXTENDED EDITION When Sam hands Clara over to Jenny, she is shocked and upset at first. But like the good sub she is, Clara does as he tells her. Only to discover she might enjoy having a stunning Domme. Will Jenny be satisfied with playing with Clara? Or will she demand more? Will Sam be pleased with Clara? Or will his plan backfire and cost him more than he can afford? He's not ready to let his favorite sub go. *** This 7800- word-erotic short is a stand-alone book intended for adults only due to its graphic language and kinky scenes involving a gorgeous Dom, a defiant sub, and a hot new Domme. if you're offended by lesbian sex, threesomes, rough foreplay, oral skills, sex toys, BDSM, and light spanking, this is not for you.***
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