Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 138

Wrong or Wright?Ashley Jensen is finished with men who refuse to take responsibility seriously. After a bitter breakup, she’s hurt and confused, and feels she doesn’t know how to trust God’s provision for her. She realizes she’s made the same mistake her mother had in trusting an unreliable man. So she abandons her heart and creates a logical wish list of the man she wants to find, while praying God will provide him for her. When she’s clobbered by Ben Wright dressed as Santa, her world is turned upside down – literally! He works hard to prove he’s the man she’s wishing for but Ashley can’t get past his apparent lack of responsibility. She thinks another man, Dr. Jonathan, fits the bill perfectly. Yet she’s drawn to Ben, despite her plan to avoid him. He confuses her, attracts her, and makes her feel like a little kid on Christmas morning when they’re together. Which man fits her wish ...
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