Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 133

How do we hear the Lord’s voice when it comes to matters of the heart? Kaitlyn Benstein receives a shock when she learns her fiancé plans to marry someone else! Shaken, confused, and questioning God’s will, she retreats to Winter Park, Colorado, where she hopes to find comfort and wisdom from her Aunt Josephine. Instead of finding her aunt, she encounters Brent Eliot, her childhood friend. Brent has always loved Kaitlyn. Now that she’s stepped into his life again, he’s happy to renew their friendship but he wants more – he wants forever. Yet he realizes he needs the Lord to guide him in patience as he helps Kaitlyn work through issues of the heart. As he teaches her how to listen to the Lord’s gentle promptings, He hopes she’ll learn to trust the Lord’s voice and open her heart to lasting love. Unfortunately, the path to love isn’t always easy. Can Brent convince her to give him a ...
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