Brian Underwood
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 104

Game Time Grade 1-2 is packed with• 40 fun filled age appropriate physical activities by a veteran P.E. teacher• Based on National physical education standards• Great for indoor and outdoor• Easy to follow. Perfect for family playtimeAs a physical education teacher with over a decade and 15,000+ hours of experience I’ve seen a trend through the years of children coming into the classroom without many of the motor skills and fitness conditioning that they should have already acquired. These children struggle jumping a rope, doing a forward roll, and throwing and catching. Some can’t move for 5 minutes continuously without being exhausted, touch their toes, or do a few push-ups. This book of exciting and fun physical activities is created by a veteran physical education teacher. The goal is to help parents guide their child to become physically literate movers. Physical activity is an ...
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