James McMurphy
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 33

Beat shyness once and for all! All it takes is 100 easy ways to change your thinking....All eyes are on you....or that's what it feels like, anyway. Your palms sweat, you feel warm, you are very conscious of your heartbeat. One would think you're about to pilot a rocket to the moon or give a presidential address, but you're actually just about to meet somebody new or embark on a task for the first time. This is what shyness feels like.Author James McMurphy knows these feelings all too well, and he gives you the power to fight shyness with 100 effective tips. His work is based on expert analysis and research, creating the perfect guide for anyone who is ready to back away from shyness! Beginning with understanding shyness and ending with a plan of action that works for you, this guide makes dealing with shyness incredibly practical. A well-designed list format provides information at a ...
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