James W. Nelson
Publisher: James W. Nelson
Pages: 215

Carter Banks, 47, just wanted to take his daughter and granddaughter, move out to his sister's farm, and live happily ever after. As with most people just trying to make a living and mind their own business, he wasn't even fully aware of the escalating events going on throughout America...and the world. He would have to make a major change.****Pay Attention to Politics!: Politics Will Pay Attention To You(This saying/quote is somewhat attributable to Ray Thomas.)****Book 1, New World Order Rising, The AbductionBook 2, New World Order Rising, The New Civil WarBook 3, New World Order Rising, The Next Generation Fights OnBook 4, United Nations Arriving (Islam Joins the Fight)Book 5 coming in 2017****The series, New World Order Rising, is about a future war very likely to happen. As always, Wars begin because the rich and powerful wish to become richer and more powerful. But of course it ...
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