Georgina Sand
Publisher: Baudrons Books, Inc.
Pages: 56

The Billionaire’s Assistant Part 15: Lost Love Found– the fifteenth part in the long-running series that’s a little fantasy, a little contemporary, a little billionaire and hot as hades!Corey is personal executive assistant to billionaire Lucas Hain. Lucas, a take-charge alpha male, has secret motives for wanting Corey to work for him…and for her to warm his bed. He also has enemies who are aware of Corey’s special qualities and are determined to have her for the same reasons.In Lost Love Found, Corey and Lucas face the Sandman’s wrath and discover that the one they trusted the most has betrayed them. Later, Corey is exposed to the same dangerous compound that gave Lucas his extraordinary abilities and is nearly killed in the process. Their love becomes lost… And yet, it endures despite their separation; and when they find it once again, the realize they’ve given ...
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