Teddy O' Malley
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 60

Double Trouble!Destiny and Faith enter second grade in a school for twins. They make enemies and friends and have to step in when friends fall out. This is the least of their troubles however. When the principal has a plan to force all twins to dress alike, Destiny and Faith take a stand. There is going to be trouble - on the double.EXCERPTAfter lunch I still sat next to Grace, and Faith still sat next to Hope, but I noticed something odd."Is it just me...?" I began to ask Faith, but she was already shaking her head."Okay, good," I said. "I'm not going crazy."I looked around. The kids in our class were in different seats. Not only were they in different seats, they were in different clothes. Even Jourdana and Jourdonna were wearing different outfits."Oh...my...gosh..."I began."We started a trend!" Faith finished for me.* * *Lessons learned in this humorous adventure include:Dealing with ...
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