Thomas Jerome Baker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 97

The Last Shot” is about a deep and cherished memory. This book is a tribute to one of the greatest teams I know, the Luxora Panthers basketball team of 1979 - 1980. We were coached by Coach Charles Strong, a legend in his own time.We were a team of destiny, winning against all odds, beating every team we played in the regional and state championship playoffs. The final game, was anticlimactic after the Regionals, because we were not supposed to be there, in the state finals. No one expected us to advance past the Regionals, and when we did, they called us, "Luck-sora", instead of Luxora. They said it was luck, but we knew better. The last shot was what we played for. We owned the last shot, it was in our blood. To get to the final, we had a date with destiny, no, to be exact, several dates with destiny, and always, it was always the last shot that decided our fate. That is the larger ...
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