Yana Berlin
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 55

Yana Berlin has written a new three-part parenting series "Life Is A Blender" that reads like a novel. Her frank views regarding the topics of marriage, divorce, single-parenting, re-marriage, blending a family, rules and discipline, the role of grandparents and siblings, chores, responsibilities and schooling are utterly refreshing. The treasures found in Ms. Berlin's work portray a bold approach to parenting. Some of her remarks regarding consistency in discipline may actually risk the reader's ire! What? What did she say?Life Is A Blender is chock full of humorous, yet crucial, tips and advice on raising your kids to be happy, honest and successful adults--adults who will want to continue the family bond throughout their lives. This book should be required reading for all newlyweds and anyone considering the decision to start a family!In this book one of the three part series Berlin ...
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