D. E. Clayton
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 82

NEWS RELEASE New ebook charts beleaguered Fourth Estate newshound through tale of excess and search for redemptionLOS ANGELES—C2H6O: The Annihilation of the Blossoms is a just-released novella by Southern California writer D. E. Clayton. This sobering, sometimes darkly comic and humorous story captures three days and nights in the life of Jack Markgraf, a middle-aged newspaper reporter who has seen too much blood, too much death, too much of the mundane—and not enough alcohol. Or so he thinks. An experienced and opinionated journeyman journalist, Jack obsesses as much over the painstaking creation of a fine martini—and the nightly rearrangements of his oversized Beatles wall posters—as he does about perfection on the job and the need to tell “good stories.”He’s a martini man first and foremost, but he loves it all—Chilean cabernets; Hungarian reds; tequila and mescal; ...
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