Jacqui Henderson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 391

“Look Mum, a diary. Who was Lillian Loveday?” Megan asks, holding it out.“Your great grandmother: my granny. Read it to me.”For a moment, Louise is lost, wistful even. She was very close to Lillian, much closer than to Roberta and she wonders what she will recognise of the person she knew and loved so much.Roberta Flanders is ill in hospital and wants to spend what time she has left at home, so at the end of the summer term, Louise collects her daughter Megan from school and they drive to the old farmhouse in the country, which has been in the family for generations.Roberta’s life has not been easy and once back at home and in her own bed, ghosts from the past start to reveal their secrets, causing her to question some of her beliefs.Louise has her own ghosts to deal with. Her marriage is crumbling and she needs to re-evaluate her life. Her relationship with her mother is difficult, but ...
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