J.R. Rain
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 150

From international bestselling authors, Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain, comes a story of a dolphin and a girl... and the end of the world.Astronomers from around the world are reporting the coming Pulse, a burst of energy that will incinerate the earth. And as the Pulse comes ever closer, help will arrive from a very unlikely source... aliens living deep in the world's oceans.Now, armed with information to save the world, one dolphin and one girl must race to save mankind...That is, if mankind doesn't destroy itself first.★★★★★ "A delightful fantasy fable by two of my favorite authors. Dolfin Tayle is a story of the saving of our world by a combination of sea creatures, needy aliens, and dedicated scientists. The underlying theme of saving our beloved dolphins, whales, our reefs. and other endangered marine creatures from greedy destruction is well integrated into the story's final ...
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