Bree Wolf
Publisher: Bree Wolf
Pages: 164

FREE with Kindle UnlimitedHe is lonely. So is she.Can one summer change both their lives?Unseen and unheard, Gabriel Scott retreats from his parents into a computer world of adventure and companionship. However,when he is forced to spend the summer with his grandparents, he finally realizes that the digital world could never compete with the real one.As the neighbor kids invite him along,Gabriel steps out into the world for an adventure he never could have imagined.A treasure hunt guides them all over town as they do their best to solve riddle after riddle. On their way, they meet Hannah, a young girl forbidden from leaving her room.Soon, Gabriel learns her secret, and before long, the treasure hunt is not the greatest challenge presented to him that year.Will that summer change him? And what happens when summer ends? Will Gabriel return home to parents who barely notice him? Or will he ...
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