Susan Palmer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 25

Josh’s best friend Rob is moving away. The absence of such a friend can be an extremely difficult hardship for a ten-year-old boy. However, when Rob’s dog Skittles has a litter of puppies, he is able to leave a parting gift that will create memories to last Josh and his family a lifetime. There are few bonds more touching than the one between a boy and his dog, or any child and their first pet. In this story, readers are given a first-hand account of the wondrous joy that can be experienced when bringing a pet into your life. See how the sometimes mischievous dog, Bingo, causes a little light-hearted trouble, but mostly brings a great deal of happiness into Josh’s life. Appropriate for readers of all ages, Bingo! is a fun-filled story that will bring laughter to your heart and a smile to your face.
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