Eve Paludan
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 278

Book 3 in the bestselling "Brotherhood of the Blade" trilogy!When Rand Sebastian, a highly trained vampire hunter, fights Delilah, an ancient vampire, she reveals something so shocking that it nearly destroys him. But is it the truth or a lie?Then, while on a vampire hunt with Ambra, an unexpected tragedy puts Rand in a position where he must recruit others to sustain their operations. When he considers hiring a vampire to join Brotherhood of the Blade, it will set in motion a series of events that will test his leadership decisions, his fighting skills and his belief that goodness will always triumph over evil.Samantha Moon, the vampire detective, lends a hand with intel that could be the break that Rand needs to find his daughter. But the clock is ticking and he must move before the trail grows cold.On their final mission to slay the ancient vampire, Nero, the vampire hunters and ...
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4 stars from 40 ratings
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