George Kahn
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 124

Has it • Been a rough day? • Been a rough year? • Been a rough career? Do you • Dream about that creative idea just beyond your grasp? • Feel trapped in a job that pays you just enough to survive? • Regret not finishing your music, photography or screenplay? • Wish you had more time, more money, more ability to get things done? If so, The Pursuit Of Passion is the book for you. A concise book of deep thought and meditation, The Pursuit Of Passion is one of those rare experiences that comes along only once in a great while. It is a treasury of thoughtful, insightful reminders that can be read in one sitting, or can be referred to daily, one page at a time. The book takes you on a journey from the darkest days of the 2009 Great Recession to a place of recovery, creativity, hope and passion. "These writings came from a promise. Right before Memorial Day 2009, I met with my ...
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