P. D. Miller
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 616

New cover to announce some corrections and reduced price. Matt did everything to ensure that he would be alone for three months with no way for anyone to find him except to fly in. He needed to confront the demons that were ruining his life. Then two weeks after he settles in his cabin, a plane crashes nearby. Matt decides to check out the crash site, and he finds a baby and an unconscious young woman who are still alive. Now he is stuck with caring for them, and there’s no way to get help until rescuers find them or his friend comes in March as he had requested. Bonnie is completely innocent about the real world, having grown up in a Catholic boarding school; while Matt has traveled and experienced the world as an undercover agent and is cynical of everyone’s motives. The baby is probably not more than six weeks old. He is hearty and healthy and can scream when he wants something ...
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