Jessica Reimann
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 81

***Rue passed away October 8th but we still want to share her story. We have lowered the price since we no longer need to raise money for medical expenses and so as many people as possible can enjoy her adventures. Money already raised for her medical expenses will be donated to Dachshund Rescue of South Florida's IVDD surgery fund along with part of the proceeds from new sales. ***Rue started life as a regular dachshund but after a surgery for her back and a trip into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber she ended up with super powers. She keeps track of her daily adventures in her journal and on her blog. She is a very active differently-abled dachshund whose determination and love of life will inspire you. Her journal includes photos and stories from some of her greatest adventures:- Mistaking a lime for an Easter Egg- Getting her super powers- Ridding the world of pesky tree rats on squirrel ...
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