Jeramy Goble
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 322

How many of your past lives can you remember?Book one of the completed Akallian Tales trilogy, Souls of Astraeus, is a fresh take on space-fantasy adventure, and plunges you into the fight among a myriad of worlds and characters.When Akal Atka loses his wife and dies from a related horror, he is slammed into an awareness of being the owner of millions of previous lives. As he struggles to adapt to the steep learning curve of ancient reincarnation, Akal learns he is only one of many with access to his semi-immortal gift.With the death of his last regular life's love still fresh in his soul, Akal seeks to take advantage of his new abilities to somehow go back and prevent her death. Akal fails to do so however, and has no choice but to slow down and show his past lives the proper respect they deserve. As he grows in the wisdom of this patience, Akal develops relationships with others like ...
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