Mike Enfield
Publisher: Pretzel Rod Publishing
Pages: 184

It’s 1931 and times are tough everywhere. Some folks feel forced to make their living outside the law. Young Barney Fairing doesn’t have a heart for crime. While his bank robbing brothers and sister lie up in a secluded cabin on the Niangua River, Barney cleans the weapons: the Tommy guns, the pistols, and shotguns that are the tools of their trade to earn his keep.When impetuous, redheaded giant, Wesley Hartung gets wind of where a family of Bonnie and Clyde wannabes might be hiding out, he cooks up a hare-brained scheme to study them as a summer project for his degree in Social Anthropology.Sure enough his hunch pays off and Wes spies on the Fairings safely from a wooded hill across a quiet inlet. His plan is shot all to hell when young Barney steps out the back door of the cabin, strips off his clothes, and wades out into the water, eventually crossing over to Wes’ side. When the boy ...
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