Erika Price
Publisher: English Prime Press
Pages: 77

Hera was a gorgeous megab*tch, but she was fantastic at Scrabble. Aphrodite was just jealous. Salome was a Toddler in a Tiara, Athena was cute in a spunky, Ellen Page kinda way, and Scheherazade was an attention-starved blogger. Persephone and Hades were only on a trial separation. Pandora just opened the box because she was hella bored. In this short story collection by Erika Price (author of Corpus Callosum), gods and goddesses from bygone eras are reimagined as hilarious contemporary analogues and released on a hapless modern world. The result is a frenetic, rip-roarious send-up of modern feminism, psychotherapy, relationship dynamics, and socioeconomic exchange. In MYTHS, new creation stories are laid down, the world is destroyed and created anew, and the more things change, the more petty human nature stays the same.
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