Annie Allways
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 122

Squeaky is a magnificent cat with attitude and style.He is a cross between Top Cat and Garfield and like TC he is very street wise, whilst although his Garfield side has a problem with 'Keepers' (humans) he dearly loves his own Keeper who is called Sarah.He is also very loyal to his close knit group of friends who's differences will surprise, delight and amuse you. They, in turn are 100% loyal to Squeaky and as the tale unfolds you will discover the extent of this loyalty and friendship.Due to his parting 'gift' to an old adversary - Granny Swhitz - 'peeing' on her old armchair, he becomes trapped in a van and gets spirited away to begin his 6 day adventure to find his way back home to his friends and to his 'Sarah'.Between getting hopelessly lost, getting chased and caught by 'The Two Ugly Pound Police', nearly losing his family jewels, being adopted by a young girl and her 'strange ...
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