Tim O'Rourke
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 249

From two bestselling authors comes a contemporary romance with a deadly twist.Mina Porter's mother sent her away because of a terrible secret. When Mina meets tattooed bad boy Jax McElvoy, she's immediately drawn to him, but not for the reasons he might think.Jax and Mina start an intense relationship. But what Jax doesn't know is that Mina is taking photographs of him and secretly filming their most intimate moments with her phone. What is it Mina really sees in the man she's falling in love with? What does she see in the secret photographs only she knows about? How would Jax feel and what would he do if he discovered the truth – that the girl he's falling for kept a dark secret that could change his life forever?Unscathed is a standalone paranormal romance novel by bestselling authors Tim O'Rourke and author C.J. Pinard.
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5 stars from 29 ratings
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