Peter Joseph Swanson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

In the mid-70s, Jill, a sex-change in denial, buses west with the hope of becoming a star. She meets an aspiring gay photographer, Andernach, who instigates her discovery at a pool party. She pratfalls into a frenzy of tacky guerrilla film making, leaves her bonehead nudist boyfriend (who thought he was her manager) to live with a grand sex-change—not in denial—but dying of liver cancer. Jilly's cult fame finally allows her to save an elderly reclusive silent-movie glamour-queen from her hallucinations. A drag queen sewing circle gets her to a big gay bar, and her ensuing stand-up comedy and bad tabloid press lands her the underdog role in a major studio comedy. All the while bullets fly, as a man in an assortment of rubber monster masks stalks Jilly and the members of her new studio family.
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