Michael L. Eads
Publisher: Red San Publishing, LLC
Pages: 325

Growing up in Seattle Washington, Mark was told from the nuns at Catholic school the Civil War was fought because of slavery. When Mark moved to Independence Missouri in the early 1970s, the teachers at public school told him the Civil War was fought to defend States’ rights. Mark has an epiphany after he realizes almost everything he has been told from adults about the Civil War is a lie.Unfurled No More Forever describes the Civil War in a unique way, from the perspective of an eleven-year-old boy. Someone who doesn’t understand the preconceived notions of grown-ups. Mark tells us his story with raw emotion and humility. He openly admits that there are more questions than answers in his quest to understand the Civil War, but he never runs away from the truth. Relive the Civil War through the eyes of a child who is being honest about his country and himself. From the death of ...
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