Thomas Black
ASIN: B00GGK8014
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 77

‘Murderer or victim? What’s that?’When Mark Foster has a conversation with his colleague about how everyone falls into two categories - murderer or victim - his life is changed forever.With an army background and a fear-inspiring job as a passport controller, Mark realises he is not one of those who could be labelled a victim.But what is the alternative…?When an obnoxious, self-righteous American tourist called Hiram walks through the airport gates, Mark is pushed over the edge.He embraces his fate and decides to track Hiram down and punish him for his selfish, brash, destructive behaviour.But as he follows him through London events take an unexpected turn….Will Mark be able to contain his murderous impulses?Or will his victim end up Dead on Arrival?'A darkly funny and twisted killer for the 21st century' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of The Patient. ‘A brilliantly executed story ...
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