Sandy Gee
Publisher: Howson Books
Pages: 43

Bread baking made simple without a bread machine.This simple, single-recipe, step-by-step bread cookbook takes you through every stage of baking bread in easy to understand language. From scratch. Without a bread machine or electric mixer. Follow the photos to create your own perfect loaf by hand in record time. Or if you’re interested in learning more about each ingredient, and why each step is important, read about flour, water, yeast, salt, kneading and proving and much more.Great for kids, students, bachelors and the culinary challengedIncludes 19 large step-by-step photos, so you won’t go wrongEverything you need to make perfect white bread8 Simple steps to making white bread dough explainedTake the stress out of getting your bread oven readyThe pastry chef's secrets to perfect white bread every time, including:Achieving a crunchy crustThe two things you need to know to bake ...
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