Albert Rothstein
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 163

If you have come across the Superfood Juicing hype, you might be wondering what it is all about.Meet Albert, a person who is really into Superfood Juicing. His new book “Superfood Juicing and Diet Book - Weightloss, Health, and Beauty” not only introduces you to what these Juices are all about, he also teaches you what the benefits of drinking Superfood Juice every day are, and how they can affect your daily nutrition intake, increase your energy level, and make you overall feel much better!Superfood Juicing and Diet Book - Weightloss, Health, and Beauty is very diverse as it introduces you to extraordinary juicing recipes for a large variety of foods. Don’t worry about being stuck with those same old Juices other books talk about, as Albert presents delicious juices with the following ingredients acai berries,almonds,apples,beetroot,blueberries (wild are preferred to cultivated ...
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