Lynda Ruth Price
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 90

How do you get revenge when you don't even know who to get revenge on?This book is for all those people who hate technology and telemarketers.Mel has had her entire life hacked, her phone doesn't go, her bank account is empty, and worst of all her chocolate supply is running low. So why is someone sending her e-mails saying it is all her own fault?Join Mel and enjoy the laughs, as she whips out the laxatives and does old school revenge, in a high tech world.Excerpt:“So… if someone called, and said that they were from Microsoft, and you needed to protect yourself from hackers then…”“NO! Honey, you didn’t fall for that!” Sal looked horrified, and as though she was trying very hard not to laugh. “Tell me you did not give random strangers on the phone any of your information!”Mel felt her stomach shrivel up like a lemon, and the look on her face said it all to Sal.Novella ...
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