Lynn Red
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 156

For years, budding journalist and recent high school graduate Lily Kyle wanted to spread her wings. Lily’s corner of the world, small desert town Fort Branch, feels more like a prison than a home. For all its faults, Fort Branch is all she’s really known, and leaving stopped mattering so much once she was claimed by a werewolf alpha.When Damon King – her werewolf soulmate and newly-inducted alpha – is called to the wolf-run town of Scagg’s Valley to investigate a pair of murders, Lily gets a hunch. Something isn’t right, and while she can’t put her finger on exactly what, she’s not about to let Damon head out west without her. Danger rears its ugly head a thousand miles from everything Lily has ever known, and she finds out the hard way that sometimes, she can’t rely on Damon to save her. Lily has to do the saving.Will ancient magic, a rogue wolf warlock, and a string ...
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