Clyde Bobo-Bowman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 60

As I pastor for over 20 years I wrote this book because there are many, many people who are curious about what happens once they die. There are those who do not understand the"doctrine" of salvation because it's made to seem difficult when it's really very simple. There are those who are honest, good people. They help others, give to charities and harm no one in thought, word or actions; however, they don't realize that good behavior will not cause them to have peace when they die. Then there are people who want nothing to do with religion of any kind. Their reasons vary and are legitimate to them. The Salvation Story seeks to explain that where a person is spiritually will have a positive or negative impact on their life depending on one crucial choice. The Salvation Story does not argue or demand action from anyone, but instead endeavors to lead its readers to the eternal life God ...
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